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Monday, February 28, 2011


Ok, so I'm locked out of my house so I do "research" for stop motion. Links to click on since it's so hard to upload videos on this site.

Remember the video we saw in class where she did the bed? Well most of the moves I've seen before and I found the two videos she was "inspired" by:

(one of the most charming videos eva)

(by Daft Punk (no duh) and has been on the youtube for foreva)

Now there are a lot, A LOT of battle like stop motions. Here are just a couple of the most popular:

(Good and long, but actually I was sort of bored with it after I found out how to do this. Dude I was a slide on the schools steps)


These are Commercials!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was really nicely done:

(I'm wondering how they got the guy to look like young through older)

(They used a LOT of poster and waisted a Lot of stuff... find out in Making-of PEN Giant)

A few amazon Commercials (all stop motion and short):

You've read this far, so HERE ARE THE FUN ONES!:

(awesome in it's amazingly coolishes way)

(poor craftmanship?)

(They weren't exaggerating
so there was apparently a stick note contest


(the first one is better)

(Warning, this one is boring)

(I'm a Maid of Honor next year and was planning to have this done for my friend)

Who doesn't like a good music video.... ok ok but what if it's in stop motion?

(Stop motion with video instead of pictures)

(though technically it isn't a true music video I'm adding it with the list below)

If anyone is bored, there are shiz ton on
So go now!

I know I'm a dork... but I want to learn how to do this:

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  1. The Deadline Post-it note vid took like a month to make. But, you are a star and are much better, so, time is not a factor, though three weeks is not too different!

    Thanks so much for posting these, there are a shiz ton of vids on youtube and break...hopefully, we will get some great clips from class.