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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Logo 4

For the fourth logo I chose the infamous Colonel Sanders. KFC has changed their logo a few times:

My Version:
I started with this but changed, but for the hard work I'll go ahead and post it:
Now for a fun pic I FOUND on the net (DID NOT MAKE THIS!!!!):

Monday, March 28, 2011

Logo 3

I ended up doing Skullcandy's logo for my fifth one. It's a newish brand of headphones and while looking through them I noticed none where really girly (ok so there are pink ones) so I made a logo for an idea of actual candy. If they already have this, I couldn't find it so I'm sorry.

My Version:

Logo 2

Dairy Queen
For a while they used lips for the mascot and I wanted to bring that into their logo. Grant it there is not much of a difference, but neither are the changes they have made over the many years (started in 1940)

My Version:

Logo 1

I am going to redo the firefox logo on the computer. I was looking some things up and here are a link I found for the logo itself....
Best Logos Blog (in fact this site has a lot of logos for who may be interested)

here are a few given:
My version:
With this one I was having problems attaching all sections to make the whole into a 3D. This is the reason only the back circle is done and the top layer is flat, I'm sorry.

In class work


The assignment

I really wish there was paint bucket in illustrator. I'm having some difficulties with a lot of these tools. It limited me in the end and I had to do these just to finish the assignment. I'm going to keep playing, but is there an easier way to use the paintbrush and fill it in with color without the small white blanks that tend to happen?

Monday, March 21, 2011


For the homework we are to make 10 drawings on ILLUSTRATOR, three rings and three shapes


I had a typo in my last video, so I went back fixed it. Then I made it shorter and a larger file to actually watch. I still can't believe photoshop hates me doing this project! I feel like an outcast using an easy program like imovie. BUT I DID PHOTOSHOP EVERY STINKIN PHOTO! That was a pain.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I have still tons more but in the mean time I have a vid I found that is like what I'm going to be doing.
Alice And Wonderland 1903