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Friday, February 11, 2011


Next project is to make currency. Take a $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100to make your own bill (doesn't have to look like USA currency). I've been thinking hard upon these ideas and I have2-3 (the third one is up in the air) ideas. If I have time I will do both:

Serious- take the American bill and update it with scanning abilities and more governmentally controlled (yay, like we want that).... more numbersand stay to the usual money sums.
The scanning bar or code will be for the new iphone everyone has and for a bar at the bottom like a credit card:

Fun- Create a bill for each of the 7 sins: $1=sloth, $5=lust, $10=glut, $20= this also mean I will need to one more bill (the rare $2 dollar bills) or leave it out because the fact that it is money will cover greed. The sins are in order of my version of Dante Inferno's layers of hell (limbo=sloth for waiting, Lust, Glut, Greed, Anger/Wrath, Seventh circle (violence)=envy, and Eighth circle (fraud)=pride). Then for the name of the money would change to CEN which sounds like sin but is cent without the t... haha very clever jk. This will show how "evil" money can be? What do yall think?

The third one is "stripper money" which would be as following. Basically pin ups on dollars. Not to strong. I was talking to someone and she (my mom lol) said it would be good to make money a "good" thing.... but I haven't been able to think of anything.

If yall haven't seen the article, there is a"rumor" about changing the currency to:


  1. i for one am all for the pin up girls, just bein' real yo

  2. I love the second idea! the allusion to Dante's Inferno and the sins is very nice when played off of the money=greed. You could look into Book I (The Legend of the Knight of the Red Cross, Holiness) Canto IV of The Faerie Queen by Edmund Spenser. He personifies each sin and has them ride an animal comparable to the sin. Dr Faustus and The Parsons Tale in The Canterbury Tales also address the seven deadly sins.

  3. The second idea is the one I would go with. It would let you experiment more with imagery, like you did in the first assignment. I would like to see what you would come up with for each "SIN"

  4. I would go with the 7 deadly sins. it would be easy to make them both beautiful and meaningful

  5. Yea I've read the article. I think it's called the Amero. They say this will be used when Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. merge into one. They said when the dollar fails, the Amero will become the new currency. China and Russia are no longer accepting American paper money because it's worthless to them. And I think the Amero is going to be backed by gold and/or silver.

  6. i feel like our government should be focused on more important things than changing the appearance of our money.... say our education system... but maybe thats just me