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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Saying for the bill

This will make no sense to yall, but it is my way of remembering for the photo shoot.

Sloth- You do nothing, you'll get nothing
I have a female lazily leaning one side, and chained, stitched, and empty another.

Lust- You want physical pleasure, you'll understand physical pain
I have a female lust one side, and cutting and scratching another.

Wrath- You burn inside, you'll burn forever
I have a female with nasty look one side, and burning alive another.

(not right) Envy- You crave what you see, you'll get what you don't
I have a female

Pride- You climb to the top, you'll receive the crown
I have a female standing proud, and crown of spikes dug in another

Glut- You gain the load, you'll carry the load
I have a female eating one side, and carrying blisters and fat another.

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