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Monday, March 21, 2011



I had a typo in my last video, so I went back fixed it. Then I made it shorter and a larger file to actually watch. I still can't believe photoshop hates me doing this project! I feel like an outcast using an easy program like imovie. BUT I DID PHOTOSHOP EVERY STINKIN PHOTO! That was a pain.


  1. love the length and the idea. really solid animation and the silent film homage is nice. excellent job!

  2. Stop motion works well for magic tricks. Some tricks are a little hard to comprehend (it could be from the lack of sound or because it moves kinda quick.) It holds together really well. I think when the bunny turns into paper is the coolest part.

  3. This is very nice. It's unique because you chose a color and it has this old antique feel to it. I like the concept of your piece. Very nice job :)

  4. Good job. One or two scenes could be a little more fluid, but overall, great. Nice choice of movie effects.