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Monday, March 28, 2011

Logo 1

I am going to redo the firefox logo on the computer. I was looking some things up and here are a link I found for the logo itself....
Best Logos Blog (in fact this site has a lot of logos for who may be interested)

here are a few given:
My version:
With this one I was having problems attaching all sections to make the whole into a 3D. This is the reason only the back circle is done and the top layer is flat, I'm sorry.


    this is kojima productions,
    hideo kojima made the metal gear solid games, some of the best games on the planet
    just giving your fox more arc in it's back would make it appear more lively
    also for that transparency thing i was talking about
    you need to make sure that you erase the background in photoshop
    and there to be no color/background left, so you see the gray/white checkerboard
    and then save it as a png or gif file and make sure transparency is enabled (in save for web & devices or w/e, i think saving it as a png auto enables transparency)

  2. Thank you two thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!